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Development Priorities for Ethiopia in the 21st Century

Dear colleagues

As you and I may realize, this group represents the best and brightest of Ethiopia. At least I believe in that. As representatives of the best  and brightest of Ethiopia, I would like to solicit visionary articles  on the general topic 

"Development priorities for Ethiopia in the 21st Century"

Under this heading you will choose any topic that interests you. But  you have to write an adequate background on the subject, and what was done in the past, what is being done now, and what is your vision  of the subject for the next 100 years. As much as possible make references to literature. Several people may collaborate  on the topic and the following sub topics.  Here are suggested sub headings 

1. Economic Development, Trade and Investment and Job Creation
2. Sustainable Development, Quality of Life and the Environment
3. Armament, Peace and Security
4. Civil Society, Human Rights, and the Constitution
5. Education and Culture

For example on Education and Culture,  a group may take "higher education" as a topic, an other may deal with "Ethipian Sociology"  etc.

These subheadings are taken from the National Summit on Africa. If we  answer a set of questions which are relevant to Ethiopia, then we will  have a guiding knowledge to act.  In other words we are writing a large volume of a book. May be 1000 pages. The papers will be published on a special  nedition of the AAU-Network Newsletter. There is no special format. Write and email as an
attachment. Here are the deadlines

1. Submit your abstracts by the 1st of every month and you will be notified within 3 days if the topic is acceptable.

2. If accepted the first draft is due by the 15th of every month 

3. You will receive comments within 3 days of receiving your first draft

4. The final paper must be submitted by the first of the second month.

5. You will receive feedback May 15, 2002

6. Final paper due on August 15, 2002

Since these are visionary papers they will not be peer reviewed.
As we move along to do the things that are best for Ethiopia, for  example
HIV-AIDS, Education, Awards and Recognition etc, we can  transform our
discussions to educate the youth, to inform the  community, and with the
knowledge thus gained comes the critical  transformation from emotion to

This is an ambitious call, and  let's see if this can be done






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