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Development Priorities for Ethiopia in the 21st Century

Higher Education Reseach in Ethiopia: What works and what doesn't 
Lead author: Abebe Kebede
Looking for collaborators to develop documents on the following themes. The themes are adopted from Higher Education in Kenya and East Africa (UNESCO) 

Issues in African Higher Education

 1. Mission of Higher Education in African Society
 2. Access to Higher Education
 3. Women's Access to Higher Education
 4. Quality and Content of Education
 5. Harmonization of Curricula and Academic Mobility
 6. Inter-University Cooperation and Pooling of Resources
 7. Higher Education as a Factor in Social Change
 8. Teachers' Status
 9. Research
10. Financing

Research Needed on Higher Education in Developing Countries

 1. Policy, Administration, Management, and Governance
 2. Curriculum, Teaching, and Instructional Technology
 3. Student and Academic Staff Development and Evaluation

Higher Education in Ethiopia: Significant Themes

1. Access and Gender Equity
2. Increased Use of Technology
3. Continuing Professional Development of Academic Staff (Teaching and Research) and Administrators
4. Establishing Capacity for Reform and Innovation
5. Diversifying Finance

Proposed Research Agenda

1. History and Current Status of Higher Education in Ethiopia
2. Academic Staff Development
3. Student Development
4. Higher Education and Employment
5. Policy, Reform, and Management





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