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Higher Education in Ethiopia

The CD-ROM Project


Development Priorities for Ethiopia in the 21st Century

Development of African Materials Research and Education for the 21st Century (Abebe Kebede and Alfred Msezane)


Africa accounts for 11—45% of the world supply of eight major mineral commodities as well as 13% of the world’s bauxite, the principal source of aluminum. It possesses a tremendous capacity in agriculture, and it has a diverse variety of plants and animals. Of the 356 biosphere reserves, 48 are in Africa.1 Despite such reaches, the per capita income of Africans is much lower than those in industrialized nations. The goals of materials research and education in the 21st century should not be to uncover new and exotic materials, but primarily to address the critical needs of the populations of Africa. The development of water resources, building materials for housing, textiles, efficient food production, and health care must take center stage. The African mineral industry is export-oriented; thus the economy is exposed to world market fluctuations.1 Materials research in the 21st century should also focus on diversifying Africa's mineral industry to open new industries that turn raw material into commodities.  In this brief article, we will discuss the current state of higher education, the conditions that hinder scientific research, and the possible development direction for materials research and education in Africa for the 21st century.

Higher Education Research in Ethiopia: What works and what doesn't: Lead author: Abebe Kebede

Looking for collaborators to develop documents on the following themes. The themes are adopted from Higher Education in Kenya and East Africa (UNESCO) 

1. Issues in African Higher Education
2. Research Needed on Higher Education in Developing Countries
3. Higher Education in Ethiopia

The CD-ROM Project (Abebe Kebede)
The advent of information technology made it possible for learners to develop crucial skills to solve problems. As a supplement to classroom instructions we propose to develop a mega CD-ROM for science,mathematics,engineering and technology courses. The contents of the CD-ROM include simple computer simulations, virtual demonstrations and literature resources. The resources will be linked to virtual libraries, laboratories and facilitators. The resources will also include lecture, test banks, assessment tools, and fully developed courses with faculty members spread across the virtual world. In the first phase of the project we will target introductory science and math courses, and in the second phase we will target advanced courses and in the third phase we will target interdisciplinary courses





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