November 11-16 2007

Organizers:  Abebe Kebede (USA), Dawit Fikadu (Ethiopia). Kiminad Abebe (Ethiopia),  Selamawit Kasaye(Ethiopia), Bekele Tujuba (Ethiopia),  Barbara Thompson (USA), M. Cristina Rabello-Soares (USA), Deborah Scherrer (USA)
Project Summary

Scale of project within Addis Ababa

Science on Wheels  (SoW) will become a national model for recruitment and retention of students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This program begins with four high schools in Addis Ababa, and later it will be expanded to selected schools in Adama, Assela, Iteya and Gonde.  The program will be expanded into other regions as we gain experience and obtain support.  When fully implemented SoW will impact teachers and students in Ethiopia and beyond.

List of Activities

SoW program contains activities to demonstrate principles of physics in common everyday experience. For example sports, ligh and acoustics.  In order to develop a diverse set of activities, we plan to collaborate with similar activities in the country and around the world.

Core modules

Colors are Everywhere: This module deals with  the origin of color, and how color forms as light from a source pass through a devise such as prism. The module is designed to fit all classes including high schools. The topics include identifying colors in the rainbow, manipulation of shapes, fraction, optical devices, energy and the sun.

Electrostatics:  This module contains documentation and activities that will be used at any grade level. It will be accompanied with demo and hands on activities that will involve generation and transport of charge. We will use the Van De Graff Generator as a center piece for electrostatics

Electromagnetism: This module contains documents about electricity and magnetism and the relationship between the two. Students will design their own circuits and electromagnets.  We will use a variety of electromagnetic devices to measure electrical quantities such as current, voltage power. Students learn the principles of electromagnetism, we will also  introduce the magnetic field of the earth by introducing the function of a compass.

Mechanics: This module contains documents and activities about kinematics, dynamics, energy and momentum transfer.  The demos include rotational motion, bouncing balls, motion and motion detectors etc. We will add projectile motion, rocket design, and space flight

State of Matter: This module contains documents and activities on state of matter. We will use liquid nitrogen to demonstrate change of phase. We will also go further to demonstrate superconductivity and its interaction with magnetic field.

History of SoW

Recently we began outreach programs in Greensboro North Carolina,  at Jesse Wharton, Julius Foust and Rankin Elementary schools, class by class and at the after school programs. The activity, named "Colors are everywhere", was tailored to level of the student. The subtopics range from identification of colors of the rainbow, to coloring of shapes, to fractions, to electromagnetic spectrum and the energy from the sun.  We expanded the activities to include demonstration on Mechanics, Electromagnetism, change of phase, light, magnetic levitation, superconductivity and many others. A total of 1500 students and their teachers have been served so far. Dr. Abebe Kebede and one undergraduate student currently lead this outreach.  The SoW program in Ethiopia follows this experience.

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