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Nearly every course in Electronic, Computer, and Information Technology Department is enhanced with hands  on experimentation. It is important that students understand the importance of lab work.
The following are brief descriptions of Electronic, Computer, and Information Technology laboratories.
Basic Electricity Lab (202 Price Hall): This lab is equipped with basic analog and digital instruments
and trainers to be used in introductory analog and digital courses. Instruments include analog and
digital VOM, dual channel scopes, and analog, digital trainer. In addition a small workstation
including a digital scope, spectrum analyzer, and satellite tracking station are available for students
AT&T Computer Lab (201-B Price Hall): This lab is equipped with 20 PC stations. All PC's are
loaded with modern software and simulation programs and computer-aided design that are used for
circuit analysis and design. This lab provides students access to the internet.
Basic Electronics Lab (4008 Smith Hall): This lab is a general-purpose laboratory and can be used
for many ECT Courses. The stations include prefabricated circuits, signal generators, power sources,
scopes, DVM's, etc. Students use prefabricated circuit modules to build circuits, analyze and
Digital/Microprocessor Lab (205 Price Hall): This lab equipped with digital and microprocessor
hardware with 6800/68000 Trainers. This lab provides for interfacing microprocessors and
microcontrollers to the analog world.
Industrial Controls Lab (4001 Smith Hall): This lab is equipped for industrial controls, rotating
machinery and industrial instrumentation laboratory activities.
Advanced Computer Networking Lab (4016 Smith Hall): This lab is equipped with 20 networked
workstations loaded with software to enable activities in artificial intelligence, networking and data
Wireless Geo-location Systems Research Lab (207 Price Hall): This laboratory is located at the
university in Smith/Price Hall Complex and supports funded research in navigation and navigation
education. The laboratory is capable of conducting a variety of Global Positioning Systems related
research including: low signal navigation technology research, GPS jamming research, and
Improved techniques for high precision GPS point positioning and GPS precise ephemeris
Electronic Communication Lab (4007 Smith Hall): This laboratory supports the study of various
communication circuits and systems.

Updated: Mar 15, 2007