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What is space technology ? or What is a Technologist?

The rapid growth of technology in our society has been sustained by the efforts of a technological team of
professionals. The technologist is a key member of that team who is responsible for applying the research, analysis and design of his colleagues the scientist and the engineer. Technologists also supervise technicians who are involved in fabricating, operating, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining equipment and systems. A possible scenario could be described as follows: A scientist conducts basic research to explore and develop fundamental theories, an engineer uses these theories to design and develop products and systems. The design  concept is then given to a technologist who has the responsibility for transforming the concept into a prototype or product. The device is then passed to a technician who is responsible for testing it to confirm the  specifications or operation as originally designed. In actual practice, the interaction among members may vary  considerably. Typically, a technologist will have completed a bachelor’s level degree in a field of technology, such as Electronics Technology. Employment opportunities include design operations, sales, technical management and  project management. Graduates of Bachelor of Science degree programs in Technology are called technologists  to distinguish them from graduates of Bachelor of Science degree programs in Engineering. However, the  National Bureau of Labor Statistics does not presently have a category called "Technologist", consequently,  many industrial job titles show little distinction between technologists and engineers. Graduates of technology  and engineering programs complement each other in their skills and interests. Together with scientists and technicians, they form a technological team, which has been able to produce an ever-increasing rate of  technological advancement. Your hard work as a technology student will prepare you for a wide range of exciting opportunities throughout  the nation and world. We encourage you to take full advantage of all the resources available to you to help you to become all that you can be.

Updated: Mar 15, 2007