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November 2006 Boy Scout Nightout: Hosted by Space Sciene Programs Department of Physics

This is the website for the Aggieland Physics A Team (APAT). It is designed for students of Physics determined to get A in the course. Focussed on Physics 241 and 242, APAT solves physics problems using analogies, models, and appropriate mathematics. APAT is a community of students, Socieity of Physics and faculty members. Members of APAT follow strict disciplines and work ethic unmatched by any group in any university.

Schedule of Events

Part I 7:00-7:30
Marteena Hall Room 310

Astronomy 101

Part II 7:30-8:00 Selected Science Demos
Science is fun
Part III 8:00-8:30
Make your own ice
Temperature scale
Part V
8:30: 9:00
Looking up the sky
The Sun, the solar system and stars

Mercury Transit

How to veiw safely

Contact Abebe Kebede or 336-334-7646.

Boy Scout activities in science and math