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Support  Assella-Arsi School Development Project (AASDO)
Contact: Abebe Kebede (abkebede@gmail.com)
Chilalo Terrara/Ras Darge Students and Campus

We are currently forming international and National Interest groups. We are seeking collaborators who by virtue of their positions and their belief in Education for All to support AASDO missions. If you live in the United States please contact the AASDO-Coordinator,  Abebe Kebede by email (abkebede@gmail.com). The purpose of AASDO is to improve the condition of the library at Chilao Terra Preparatory School and its sister schools in Arsi Zone.  Our plan is to support schools in Assella, Arsi Zone and every needy school every tear, by sending large number of books and educational resources, as well as conducting teacher-student development workshops

At this time, there are 4,000 students attending Chilalo Terara in three shifts of instructions. There is less than one book per 20 students. This situtation can be greatly improved by this project (Please look at the school on Youtube)