ESDO Lecture Hall

The ESDO Lecture Hall contains links to pages created by professors and teachers. Such lectures are accepted by ESDO as
long as they are no they are not copyrighted.  The lectures will be used only for teaching purposes in Ethiopian schools as
well as African schools.

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A Accounting Advertising Agricultural Education
Agricultural Engineering Agronomy Anatomy
Anthropology Architecture
Astronomy Atmospheric Sciences
B Biochemistry Biology and Botany Biomedical Engineering
Biotechnology Building Science Business Administration
C Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering
Classics Communication Communication Sciences and Disorders
Comparative Literature Computer Science Cultural Studies
E Earth Science Economics Education
Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering Science English and
Technical Writing
Environmental Engineering Environmental Science
F-G Finance French Geography
Geology German Studies
H-K Hebrew History Humanities
Immunology Industrial Engineering Journalism
L Language Law Liberal Studies
Library and
Information Science
M Management Management Information Systems Marine Science
Marketing Mathematics Mechanical Engineering
Medicine Meteorology Microbiology
Middle Eastern Studies Molecular Biology Music
N Neuroscience Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
P Pharmacy Philosophy Physics
Psychology Political Science Public Affairs
Public Health
R Religious Studies Recreation and Park Administration
S Science and Technology Social Work Sociology
Soil Science Spanish Statistics
T Telecommunications Theater Travel Industry Management
U Urban Planning
V-Z Virology Vocational Education Zoology

We adopted the above format from The World Lecture Hall. We encourage to have Ethiopian related courses. The above courses are not necessarily given at this moment. The number of courses that will be taught online depends on the number of volonteer teachers. Please submit your materials for the courses you would like to teach, even if they are not listed in the table above. Kotebe Teachers Education College Adama College of Teacher Education Asella College of Teacher Education Robe Teacher Education Institution Nekemt College of Teacher Education Mettu Teacher Education Institution Jimma College of Teacher Education Debre Birhan Teacher Education Institution Adwa College of Teacher Education Abbiyi Addi College of Teacher Education Gambella Teacher Education and Health Science College Arba Minch College of Teacher Education (ACTE) Bonga College of Teacher Education (BCTE) Hosanna Teacher Education Institution Dr Abdulmejid Teachers Training college (Jijiga) Awassa College of Teacher Education Harar College of Teacher Education

Updated: Mar 15, 2007