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November 1, 2008

On Saturday Abebe gave a 15 minute seminar at the joint meetings of the North Carolina Association of Physics Teachers, South Eastern Section of the American Physical Society and the Society of Physics Students. It was a small session but I got good feedback. I presented the potential out come of the mission based on student recruitment into physics. I told them that we plan to do this until 2029, with the result being there will be 5000 PhD candidates in Physics from Ethiopia.  A few people signed up to support our plans, at least in fund raising and collecting educational materials.  The students from NC Central were exited about the prospect of their participation, and one professor from the audience asked if this work has a chance to be expanded into other parts of Africa, particularly Zimbabwe. I told him we  will share our experiences in Assella and help them with developing the content specific to a given school.

here are the links to the meetings

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