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Space Gneneration
South Africa

Possible Collaboration with  NYDT-South Africa to support space program at Ras Darge and Beyond

AASDO  recent email exchanges with National Youth Development Trust-south Africa.  Please link here

Dear Adrian

I am very impressed by the work of NYDT. I thnk your organization should be promoted.  Here is a link to my Space-Africa Website. Also since NYDT is focussed in Africa, do you do work outside South Africa
? I would like to know because I want to expand your reach into Ethiopia.

The subscribe email address for the space network is

Abebe (Michael)

Dear Abebe

Thank you for your mail. And thank you for placing a link to our web site.
  It will be an honor for us to work with you in Africa context. There are several ways we can work together.  I can immediately think of presenting a FAI World Cup Space Modeling event in Ethiopia.  I was asked by the FAI CIAM to set up the Africa Cup for sporting rocketry. I am also thinking of an Astronomy programme that we can set up for South African and Ethiopian students.4,500 copies of the reference report will be distributed to 53 Commonwealth delegations at these events. You contacted me at a good time, as a feature about the NYDT, as a case study in youth development, will be published in the 2008 Commonwealth Ministers of Finance Reference Report for their October 2008 meeting. The Meeting of
Commonwealth Finance Ministers will be held at St Lucia from 6 to 8 October 2008. The Ministerial Meeting will be held on 7 to 8 October.  The Finance Ministers Meeting will take place immediately prior to the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund.

The Reference Report highlights the NYDT’s focus on the youth, and its social, economical and political inclusion of the [South] African Youth into, amongst others, various pan-Commonwealth initiatives:

  • The Commonwealth Youth Programme
  • The Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative for people looking to set up in business
  • The Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport [CABOS], which seeks to use sport to bring marginalized youth back into the education system.

The publication of the feature in such a prestigious report recognizes our work in disadvantaged school communities, and re-affirms our position as the leading NGO in Science Education in Africa, as far as career path development based on anticipatory profiling is concerned.

The immediate effect of this is that we will be able to generate more funding for our activities.

We also have the credibility to approach schools in other Commonwealth Family of Nations to involve their students and teachers in our activities. We need this to establish our emerging scientists and leaders as competitive in Global context

We would like to work with you in setting up a programme for Ethiopia.

Dear Abebe
We are now in an advanced stage with the plannng of our 2 Craters Space Camp that will take place in December 2008 [December 6 to 13].  
I have 3 requests for you:
  1. Request 1: I would like to invite you to to to join the Space School Africa Board of Directors as Director of the Space School Ethiopia Programme. It will be a great honour for us if you accept this position.
  2. Request 2 [2008 Camp activity]: We would like to have a webcam interview of about 20 minutes with you in your capacity as Associate Professor of Physics at NC A&T State University about your work in Space and the Arsi Assella School Development Project [If you are in the USA at the time, it will be during red times indicated on the camp schedule you will find here-under. If you are in Addis Ababa, it will be in a blue time slot].
  3. Request 3 [2008 Camp activity]: We respectfully request you to set up for our students a webcam interview with (i) some of your students at NC A&T State University, and/or (ii) students in Addis Abbeba or Arsi Assella School district [It may be during red times indicated on the camp schedule you will find here-under, or in the blue time slot for African participation].
Webcam interviews will be possible through the availability of a mobile 18 station facility. Please navigate to for more information and photos.
It is our intention to involve students in Ethiopia in various Space School Africa projects, such as the Junior Africa Space Administration Project,  Students for the Exploration of Space [SEDS] , Rocketry and robotics

 Dear Adrian

I am gladly accepting all the requests.I am not sure yet about the third request to  bring Addis students in the game.  I will ask colleagues in Addis. I am based in the US with good connection in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia. In addition I have several networks that NYDT can benefit from. For example the African Scientific Network, and the space network. Actually a lot of help is needed to organize the African space community and make it active in NYDT activities as well as other international activities such as world space week, IAY and IHY.  Regarding the webcams, arrangements can be made. I will ask our system people to arrange for us.  I am absolutely committed to NYDT's effort, and I hope one day the activities in Assella and other parts of Africa will materialize into an internationally funded activities. The president of NRF will be in the US this march. I am actually the session chair of the Physics in Africa session, and he is our keynote speaker. I am very interested to tell him about this activities particularly the involvement of NYDT in African space sicence issues, and find ways to expand its reach into other parts of Africa. Please advise me on this.


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