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HI Victor (biography)

I have been following this discussion for sometime now. I like your postings on data from Anderson High School. I am working with a group for K12 Physics for Science Expedition 2009.  We plan to do a good deal of outreach at one of the Precollege High Schools in Ethioipa. I am just wondering how to use the materials resources for our outreach.  I also wish to know the type of instrumentation students need to take data and report to Jove I apologize for my ignorance

Abebe (Michael)

From Victor

Hi Michael, (biography)

Do not apologize, I will be very pleased to help you in any way I can. I find the idea of your outreach, at a High School in Ethiopia, extremely interesting. It would be terrific if you could set up a Radio Jove Observatory in Ethiopia, or with your K12 Physics class elsewhere. You could do that by using a Radio Jove Kit. You will also need supports for the Phased Double Dipole, which you could obtain locally, and a computer to collect the data.

There is a lot of information at

If you get lost, I and other Participants in Radio Jove will enjoy guiding you through it. I am taking the liberty of copying this message to Dr. James Thieman, who directs the Radio Jove Project at NASA.
Thank you

Hi Victor (biography)

Thank you for the email.  I came to know about this program through a young lady by the name wanda diaz. We met during the recent UN-IHY conference in Sozopol Bulgaria. Wanda is now completing her graduate work. I am learning a lot through the email exchanges.  The K12 outreach and the Expedition 2009 will focus on a "precollege" high school in deep rular Ethioipa. I am working very hard so that the school gets resources including computers. I am very close to securing a promice from a local NGO. We will also put out of pocket money to purcahse a few things.  Please let me know what Jove kit would cost me. I will prepare for it. Even the name "Radio Jove Observatory" has great vibration. Please help as much as time and resource allows you.  A group of former peace corps volunteers and their neighbors from 40 years ago will meet in Colubus Ohio on November 15 to decide on various aspects of the Expedition 2009.  If everything goes well, the school will have some good computers. I am now working with Mr. Troy Cline of Goddard, Dr. Mekuria of Globe program, Mr. Boki Tola, Dean of the Teacher College, Mr. Taddesse Mulugeta, the school director and Mr. Belihu Teffera, a star teacher, as well as Dr. Scott Baile of the Center for Space Engineering of Virginia Tech, as well as Mr. Adrian S Meyer Space School Africa to get content.  Mr. Meyer is interested to start space camps as well rocketry programs throughout Africa.

Adding the Jove Obeservatory is an icing on the cake. Unfortunately, Internet access will be limited, the data should be emailed every 15 days or so from an other town.

I believe this will give the Jove program a pioneering edge particularly by involving Anderson High School students as the developers and promoters of the program. Again if everthing goes well we have plans to connect the Ras Darge preparator school with schools line Anderson High School.   Please let me know what you need from me so that we can quickly begin our collaboration. Please also advise me if I can list Jove as a partner in this project. Here is a site you may follow. There is too much info at this time, we plan to come up with a better site as more younger people join

From Mr. Troy Cline Former Peace Corps Voluneer Chad (biography)

This is really amazing. Jim Thieman is the Co-director of the NASA program I work for at Goddard Space Flight Center. I’ll try to talk with him more about his program as soon as possible. I would also like to include Elaine Lewis, our Formal Education Coordinator, in the discussion if possible


From Victor

Michael, I have corresponded with Wanda Diaz, a wonderful person, and very dedicated to Radio Jove in Puerto Rico.

I am only a private individual participating in RJ, and do not represent RJ in any official capacity. I will help you, with pleasure.

The RJ Kit costs US$ 155 plus shipping, this includes the antenna and the receiver, in kit form, but excludes the supports and the computer.
The kit can be ordered at

The computer can be used for other purposes, even as it is logging RJ data. I believe that the assembly of the RJ receiver from the Kit components is an important tool for Science Education in a High School and FUN !!. Wanda has more experience about it than I do.

I do not represent Anderson High School, I have been helping Jeff Rodriguez, AHS Physics Teacher, in the same way that I will help you.

You will not need a constant web connection. You will be able to mail images and records, as time permits.

Does the Ras Darge Preparatory School have a web connection ?

I believe only Jim Thieman can give you permission to list the Radio Jove Project as a Partner in your project.

You have already started your collaboration with me !!!


From Dr. Jim Thieman (biography)

Thank you for working so hard to get Radio JOVE to the school in Ethiopia.  We are happy to help make this happen in whatever way our resources will allow.  Regarding the cost of the JOVE kit, we have been able to get monetary assistance for purchasing the JOVE kits from the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers.  I don't know if they are continuing this program, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if you think that will be helpful to your project.  As Victor says, we will be happy to help guide as needed.

Dr. Jim Thieman (biography)
Code 690.1
Greenbelt, MD  20771
Phone:  301-286-9790
FAX:     301-286-1771

From Adrican S. Meyer (Biography)

Arsi Assella School Development Project - Space School Africa [2 Craters Space Camp, December 2008]

Dear Abebe and Members of the international Space Science & Education Community

The 2008 Space School Africa Camp has been scheduled for December 7 to 14, 2008. It is unique in the sense that participants will do Lost in Space Survival Exercises in two meteorite impact craters in South Africa: the Tswaing Crater and the Vredefort Dome. Information about our 2 Craters Camp is available at http://www.nydt.org/home.asp?pid=1044 
We would like to set up an interactive programme that will give our students the opportunity to set up "virtual mission control centres" with students in other countries and on other Continents.
It is therefore our objective to involve school students from countries in Africa as well as on other Continents to participate with our students on virtual basis. We therefore appeal to you to assist us with the identification of school students, teachers and career professionals who wish to participate in the 2 Caters Camp on virtual basis.
Certain problem scenarios will be given to the "survivors" to solve, for instance polluted water supplies and a medical emergency, and they will then have the opportunity to contact mission controls on "other planets" for assistance. Our students will contact the students in other countries through e-mails [indirectly] and per mobile phones [directly].
We would also like to invite any student or teacher who wishes to attend the 2 Craters Camp in real time [Even at this short notice] to contact me for assistance iro arrangements.
Any career professional, astronomer or teacher who wishes to participate on virtual basis, or attend in real time as VIP lecturer or member of the group [as educator/coach] is welcome, and may contact me for advice/assistance.
Real time participation: The cost for international participants is US$ 270 per person for local transport, accommodation and food [We are also not in a position to pay for any air fare].
It is our further objective to present a multi-national Space Camp in 2011 when the IAF's Congress will take place in Cape Town, South Africa. The 2 Craters Camps of 2008, 2009 and 2010 will be rehearsals for the camp that we plan for September/October 2011.
If we can assist the Arsi Assella School or any other school on the Continent this way, it will be great for us.
Please find information about our 2008 2 Craters Camp here-under
Adrian S Meyer
South Africa.

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