AASDO Updates

AASDO Update As of Feb 7/2009

It has been a while since we sent out updates. There is a lot of progress. The end is insight but still very very far away.  Please be patient.  Here are a few important issues to report

1) AASDO Intranet: Mr. Wendell Tucker, CEO, Data Solutions provided AASDO with webspace, and interanet.  Wendell is the son of Cathy Tucker. Cathy volunteered to help Ras Darge over 40 years ago, her son  Wendell is following her foot steps. I hope the kids in Assella are reading this. This is an important story. Check the AASDO intarnet site here:
We are working on the site.  It will soon have a feature for you to sign up.

2)  Reference  books:  AASDO is now partnering with Social Work Education in Ethiopia Partnership (SWEEP), to send several thousand referene books.  Please read the partnership statement at (http://sirius-c.ncat.edu/asn/Africa-K12/Ethiopia-K12/AASDO-SWEEP.html)
The books are at level of senior high school  to junior in college. Even though smaller in scale we also plan to add books applicable to elementary and millde schools in Assella-Arsi areas. The fund raising will be on behalf of Books For Africa. Please pass the word around, and make secure donnation to Book for Africa (CLICK ON ETHIOPIA). 
NOTE: If you plan to write checks please memo  AASDO-SWEEP,  In both cases please notify (by email)  me (abkebede@gmail.com) and  Alice (ajk@uic.edu)

3) Text Books and two new computers:  There will be a separate fund raising for Text books that must be purchased locally.  We are expected to raise in the order 5000. This will be done through AASDO executive board.

Value added projects

3. Digitail divide:  The matching grant from Addis Ababa Rotarian is still pending. Our supporters in Greensboro, the New Generation Rotary Club, are on standby

4. NComputing technology (http://ncomputing.com/k-12.aspx):  Ncomputing is planning a demo of their L- series in Chilalo Terara via Jessica. The technology is suggested by Michael Kran, NASA Solar System Ambassador. It is simple technology.  We can use a single computer to serve upto 10 students at the same time using the L-Series. We only need 10 dummy terminals, keyboads and mice. We have formed a "AASDO Tech group" to study this technolgy further.  Wendell (Data Solutions) will test one unit, and I will test one here at NCAT State University.

5. ASTARO: This is our most successful work. So far over 40 Ethiopinas have singed up.  Three  from Assella. One of them is Jessica. Once she learns how to use the telescopes, she may train teachers and students. There is now internet in Assella, Please follow the progress of ASTARO here (http://sirius-c.ncat.edu/asn/astaro/index.html)
AASTARO is an all African activity, with foucs on Ethiopian schools. So far we have 10 high schools that signed up, but still they have a long way to go to produce images. Please follwow
(http://asn-astaro.blogspot.com)  to see the images taken by several Ethiopian students

Updated: Feb 20, 2007