It is said that Mind is A Terrible Thing To Waste.. Please help Assella-Arsi School Development Project
Please help: We are looking for workshop instructors in ICT and Technology in Classrooms
We are also looking for sponsors and partners.  We also plan to link the Assella Schools with US Schools. If your school is interested in Teacher to Teacher (T2T) and Student to Student (S2S) link, please drop me email (

Our dire needs include

1. Educational resources such as pocket calculator, TI graphic calculators,  equipment for simple physics, chemistry,biology, and mathematics experiments to work with TI Graphic Calculator

2. Software:  mathlab, virtual experiments,

3. Science and Mathematics text and reference books appropriate for high school and precollege students

4. Computers, printers, digital cameras, as long as they are less than one and half years old. At least MS Office Software must be present in the computers, please also include appropriate accessories such as black and white tonner.

5. Telescopes, Bionoculars

6. Used sport equipment particularly 
  • Running shoes less than #10 American or less than #42 Ethiopian,
  • Small and medium sport T-Shirts,
  • Soccer and Basketballs, please include pumps
7. Used or new musical instruments particularly
  • Acoustic Gutars, recorders
  • Drums
  • half piano keyboards

Please any amount of financial donnation to support this effort. We need money to mail out these packages. Please also consider providing financial support.