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Cotonou, Republic of Benin

November 5th - November 11th, 2005


DURBAN, South Africa,

October 31st ? November 2nd, 2005

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Cotonou, Republic of Benin

October 31st ? November 4th, 2005

Building on the growing success of its previous editions, one of the main objectives of this fourth COPROMAPH Workshop is to contribute to the development of a critical mass of researchers in Africa in as dynamic an area as is mathematical physics. The Workshop brings together specialists in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. It offers the international scientific community an arena for interactions and presentations of scientific research results on contemporary problems in these fields. 

The Workshop also provides young African researchers an opportunity to know each other and initiate scientific collaboration. Hence, the Workshop contributes in strengthening the research capacity and revitalizing activities in mathematical physics in African universities.

The Workshop is organized every second year in the Republic of Benin, under the auspices of the Executive Secretariat of the International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA).

The former three editions of this international Workshops series -- COPROMAPH1-3 ? took place in Benin in 1999, 2001 and 2003. The fourth Workshop (COPROMAPH4) is organized as a satellite conference to the IUPAP World Conference on Physics for Sustainable Development (WCPSD) to be held in Durban, South Africa, October 31st to November 2nd, 2005, on the occasion of the World Year of Physics 2005. The Workshop includes a thematic lecture series, invited review talks and contributed communications. The invited review talks will be presented in plenary sessions whereas the specialized contributed papers will be presented in appropriate parallel working groups.

To also celebrate the World Year of Physics 2005, a new event is launched in parallel to the Workshop, namely the COPROMAPH International School which is to precede the COPROMAPH International Workshop. The aim of this School is to provide basic self-contained two parallel sets of lecture series and tutorials for Ph.D students and younger COPROMAPH Workshop participants, on topics of interest in anticipation of the more advanced presentations at the Workshop. Student seminars will also be organized.

The dates are:

  1. COPROMAPH International School:

  2. . Superstrings before the 1995 revolution

    . Quantum mechanics and fields for

    physicists and mathematicians

    Monday, October 31st ? Friday, November 4th, 2005;

  3. COPROMAPH4 International Workshop:
Superstrings after the 1995 revolution: M-Theory

Saturday, November 5th ? Friday, November 11th, 2005.


The booklet of abstracts will be distributed to participants upon registration at the workshop desk.

The Proceedings of the Workshop should be published by World Scientific Publishing (WSPC, Singapore) as the fourth volume of a series entitled "International Workshop on Contemporary Problems in Mathematical Physics". The proceedings of the previous three COPROMAPH Workshops are available from the same publishing house.

Only participants giving an oral presentation are entitled to have a contribution submitted to the Proceedings, to be accepted after refereeing. Contributions must all be written in good English. They must all be ready on registration in written form using the WSPC Latex2e package together with the relevant style files, and be prepared according to the WSPC instructions (all these files may be downloaded from the web page, under "Author Information" and "Proceedings Style Files" in Latex2e format, trim size 9" x 6" ). They must be handed in their integrality as a Latex2e file on a diskette or via e-mail. For any problem, you may contact the organizers.

Contributions for short communications and posters are restricted without exception to a maximum of 7 pages. Those for invited conferences and lectures to a strict maximum of 15 and 100 pages, respectively.

Official languages: English and French. English is the preferred choice, though, given the international attendence.

Scientific Advisory Committee: A. Afouda (Benin), S. T. Ali (Canada), J.P. Antoine (Belgium), A. Antonevich (Byelorussia), A. Banyaga (USA), A. Bellemans (Belgium), S. Belmehdi (France), K. Bota (USA), X. Chapuisat (France), J. M. Combes (France), G. Ciccotti (Italy), C. S. Diatta (Senegal), M. Englis (Czech Republic), J. P. Ezin (Benin), J. P. Gazeau (France), G. A. Goldin (USA), C. Goudjo (Benin), J. Govaerts (Belgium), M. N. Hounkonnou (Benin), R. Kerner (France), J. Klauder (USA), W. Koepf (Germany), Th. Lebel (France), W. A. Lester (USA), A. Makhoute (Maroc), M. Mareschal (CECAM), A. Z. Msezane (USA), S. Mtingwa (USA), R. Murenzi (Rwanda), A. Odzijewicz (Poland), A. Ronveaux (Belgium), J. - P. Ryckaert (Belgium), B. Torrésani (France).

Organizing Committee: A. Afouda (Benin), E. Azatassou (Benin), E. Baloïtcha (Benin), J. O. Chabi (Benin), X. Chapuisat (France), J. M. Combes (France), L. Combettes (France), G. Dupont (Belgium), N. Fonton (Benin), M. Gosset (France), J. Govaerts (Belgium), M. N. Hounkonnou (Benin), Th. Lebel (France), W. A. Lester (USA), A. Msezane (USA), B. Olory (Benin), C. Peugeot (France).

Deadline for applications: July 15th, 2005.

Registration and abstracts have to be received before July 15th. The invited speakers are also requested to send a one page abstract of their presentation.

COPROMAPH4 will be co-organized by 

- Prof. J. Govaerts,

Institut de Physique Nucléaire, 

Université catholique de Louvain,

2, Chemin du Cyclotron, 

B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium,

Phone: +32-10-47 32 26

Fax: +32-10-45 21 83


- Prof. M. N. Hounkonnou,

International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA)

072 B.P. 50 Cotonou, Republic of Benin,

Phone: +229-38 61 28

Fax: +229-31 31 38 or +229-38 40 03

E-mail: or

- Prof. A. Z. Msezane

Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia 30314 (USA)

Phone: +1-404-880-8663

Fax: +1-404-880-8360


The activity is open to scientists from all countries. Travel and local (subsistence, accommodation) expenses should be covered by the home institution. However, limited funds will be made available for scientists from African countries. 

All participants who will benefit from some financial support from the Workshop organizing Committee (accommodation, local expenses, travel or other) will be requested to present a communication or a poster at the Workshop.

Participants interested in presenting a paper are requested to send a camera ready copy of their abstract. The deadline for submission of abstracts and /or requests for financial support is July 15th, 2005, while the deadline for sending author contributions, prepared according to the WSPC guidelines described above, is strictly October 15th, 2005. To be accepted for publication in the Proceedings, the contribution must be written in LaTeX2e WSPC style and must be accepted by the editorial board of COPROMAPH4 after a refereeing procedure. A notice of acceptance or the referee report should have been sent to authors by January 31st, 2006. The deadline for resubmission will be strictly February 20th, 2006.

Applications should be submitted to: 


University of Abomey-Calavi

International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA),

072 B. P. 50, Cotonou, Republic of Benin

i) Tel.: +229-38 61 28

ii) Fax: +229-38 40 03 or +229-31.31.38 


iii) E-mail:

with copy to: or


All participants will be staying in hotels in Cotonou, close to the Workshop site. Please indicate which kind of room you wish and if you accept to share your room with someone else. The accommodation will be paid directly to the hotel by the organizers if the full registration fee (see below) has been paid. 

For convenience, each participant is requested to pay a total sum of either 450.000.- FCFA, 650.- Euros or $US 650.-, to cover all the costs for their stay (registration, hotel accommodation, meals, excursions, miscellania). A receipt will be issued, which the participant must countersign.

Those participants wishing to stay in a hotel different from the place of accommodation foreseen by the organizers, may ask for the necessary information, but they should then arrange for their accommodation themselves, including the payment for the ensuing costs.

However, in order to avoid problems, it is imperative to reserve a room well a month in advance before arrival in Cotonou. Moreover, the costs to be paid for the Workshop itself then amount to either 230.000 FCFA, 325.- Euros or $US 325.- to cover for the registration and local restauration on the site of the Workshop.

A local organization committee will be set-up to welcome you on your arrival at the international airport of Cotonou, and to take you to your place of accommodation. Hence, it is imperative that all participants do inform the organizing committee of the details of their travel arrangements through the above mentioned COPROMAPH SECRETARIAT addresses.

The city itself and its surroundings are special attractions. Beaches are close to the hotels which often possess their own swimming pool.

Benin society is rich in history and culture. If there is enough interest, tours could be organized to some places of historical and cultural interest.  Benin is situated in West Africa, between Nigeria and Togo. The climate is tropical and the temperature is close to 30°C.

Hotel prices:

- Novotel Horisha (category A): 

single room with breakfast: US$ 100.00 per day; 

- Hotels (category B):

single room without breakfast: US$ 40.00 - US$ 50.00 per day.

Daily board can be estimated at about US$ 20.00.

Official invitations : In special cases, the organizing committee is prepared to send a personal invitation letter to the Workshop. It should be understood that such an invitation is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support.


Payment of the total fee should be made by bank-to-bank transfer to:

ICMPA, bank account n° 01597740007, Bank of Africa , Agence Centrale, Cotonou, Rep. of Benin (West Africa). 

A copy of the corresponding bank receipt should be sent together with the registration form. In each payment, the name(s) of the participant(s) must be stated with reference to ‘‘COPROMAPH4’’.

Upon receipt of the registration form and copy of bank transfer for registration fee, participants will receive a confirmation letter. Upon presentation of this letter at the registration desk, participants will receive their Workshop documents and a badge.


Application Form

- COPROMAPH4 International Workshop

(November 5th - November 11th, 2005)


- COPROMAPH4 International School

(October 31st - November 4th, 2005)

Last name: --------------------

First name(s): -----------------------------------------------------------------

Nationality: --------------------------

Professional address (phone, fax): ------------------------------------- 


E-mail: --------------------------------

Address for correspondence (if different from above): -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Academic qualification: ------------------------

Field of research interest:

Accompanied by (specify): ------------------------------------------------

Please check what is appropriate:

I can find funds to cover my expenses: -----------------------------

I am requesting financial support for:

half travel: -------------------

full travel: -------------------

living expenses: ------------

I shall submit (present) a paper (poster)



Registration fees: see details above

Accommodation: I would like to be lodged at the hotel

(i) Category A: -------------

(ii) Category B: -------------

(iii) Others: ----------------

Date: ---------------------------------