ASTARO: Astrophotography

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Instructor: Mr. Michael Kran, Abebe Kebede


Ms. Tsega Berhan, Chair, Department of Physics, Mekele University
Mr. Melessew Nigussie, Department of Physics, Bahir Dar University
Mr. Antsenay Wegu, Adama University

Michael Kran says:  My goal is to give students some sense of the mystery and forensic detective work that science is.  Not the pat answers of the high school text books.  And if we stimulate some to pursue a PhD degree in science then we know the message has gotten through and struck a chord.  And if not, they will still be better citizens in a complex world with decisions about science policy.  They will know to ask questions.  And that no answers are incontrovertible.

C. Jackson, South Africa in 1937, August 1

Course outline:

Updated: Mar 15, 2007