Girls in Science and Mathematics

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UNESCO Data from different countries in Africa-  This is an excellent document to use as a starting point.  We adopted from (
Access of Girls and Women to Scientific, Technical and Vocational Education in Africa (UNESCO, 1999, 480 p.))

 Girlis and Science: A UN training Module- The module aims to address the inherent gender disparities in the field of science and technology, with a specific focus on Africa. The under-representation and under-achievement of girls in science and technology subjects can be seen as a serious inefficiency in educational systems in countries whose development depends crucially on the generation of human technological capacity. This is the case in most African countries. If only more girls could be persuaded to take up science and technology subjects in schools, and could be persuaded to do better in them, the countries, so the argument goes, would have the benefit of an increased technological output with few extra inputs.

Updated: Feb 20, 2007