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Please suggest free Astronomy and space science related resources
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The EU-HOU project ("Hands-On Universe, Europe. Bringing frontline interactive astronomy to the classroom") is in keeping with the general goal of renewing the teaching of science. A re-awakening of interest for science in the young generation is foreseen through astronomy and the use of new technologies, which should challenge middle and high schools pupils. The primary target group will thus be the school teachers, who will be involved through a pilot school scheme widely advertised. (READ MORE)
EU-HOU Software
The software developed for the Eu-hou program has been designed to be a multi-platform, multi-lingual experience for image manipulation and analysis in the classroom. Its design enables easy implementation of new facilities and basically requires no in-situ maintenance. For the software and each pedagogical resource, different levels of utilisation will be implemented (i.e. middle, high schools…).  This software works in many platforms.
Contributions from Email Discussions (Suggested by Glenn Reagan)

There are MANY resources available to assist teachers and students in
1. Taking images (how to use the telscopes)
2. Processing and preparing the images
3. Tri-color composing the images.

And they are all free.

1. To take your own images you can sign up for observing time on an education/resource telescope like Tzec Maun.
2. To clean up and RGB-combine the images I suggest SalsaJ with the Align RGB Planes plug-in
(Download from )
I also suggest you install the Median plugin (attached; place both class and java files in the plugins folders of SalsaJ) to remove hot pixels from your raw fits images.  This can be done after you have adjusted the contrast/brightness.
3.  Download and reference the pdf file on how to combine the images with salsaj.


Updated: Mar 15, 2007