Africa Student Training in Astrophysical Research and Observatoin (ASTARO)


The dream of exploring outer space is nature's gift to humanity. Beyond cultures, and language barriers people the beauty and complexity of the skies above them inspire you and old. Before the advent of telescopes thinkers documented the motion of stars and planets, the sun, the moon and the Earth. It is the discovery of Keppler's laws followed by Newton's law of Universal gravitation that led to everything we know about space travel today. Space travel and exploration inspires people to think beyond their immediate locality. They travel through space using their own imagination as their vehicle, always asking the most fundamental question of humanity, "are we alone?" Writers and storytellers capture this imagination in science fictions. This imagination and the desire for knowledge about outer space have been pushing the leading edge discovery in many areas of science. <READ MORE>

Updated: Mar 15, 2007