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Bahir Dar University (January 1, 2009)

Reported by Mr. Melesew Nigussie

Under the coordination of Dr. Baylie, me and one member of physics department,  the first phase of the Year of Astronomy 2009 has started at Bahir Dar University. Today, we invited 22 students from one of the high schools of Bahir Dar that is Gion Secondary School. During this time, students observed movies which we obtained from NASA. The movies were about the activities of the Sun (i.e, the CME, sunspot, the motion of the solar wind, the effects of the the solar wind and IMF on the Earth's magnetic field, etc) and they have learnt about the general view point of Astrophysics and research by Dr. Baylie. In addition, students have taken different posters which might encourage them towards the subject.

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