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Current schools

Contact:    Mr.   Simegn Asamnew
Affiliation:    Dire Dawa Comprehensive Secondary School
Phone:    0251-111513
Fax:    +251119805
Preparatory High School
title:    The name of the city is Dire Dawa located approximately 525 km away from Addis Ababa
abstract:    Dire Dawa Comprehensive Secondary School is the first governmental school that was established in the year 1952. It is 46 years old. The school has significant role in contributing educated human power to the country.

The school is located in the south western part of Dire Dawa. It is founded along the right side of the road to Harar right on the boarder of the town. The school enrolls students who are from grade 9-12. It was established to accommodate 750 students but the average number of students is accommodates currently is 3,000 per year. The total number of teachers engaged in the teaching learning activity at present is 105. The total numbers of sections from grade 9-12 are 38, i.e. grade 9th 14 sections, 10th 10 sections, 11th 6 sections and 12th 8 sections. The medium of instruction is English. The school has one main library, one girlís library, one computer with 16 desktop computers.

Jack Crowell, Professor of Mathematics
Delta College, University Center MI 48710

I am the director of the Kenya Rural School Computer and Book Program supported by Delta College, a community college in the Tri-Cities of Michigan (Midland, Bay City, Saginaw). Over a period of 20 years we have provided over 6,000 computers and thousands of books to over 400 schools throughout Kenya. Our present objective is to help in providing the necessary educational resources and to assist in the use of these resources to bring about better teaching and learning of science and mathematics. Delta College has a Planetarium that was built with NASA funding for educational purposes. Presently we not working with schools in Kenya with respect to the teaching and learning of astronomy, though we would like to. Is it possible for Delta College to get access to the robotic telescopes and to participate in your program? Our participation would be two fold--outreach to our community schools and schools in Kenya. If this is possible, I will get things going here and initiate contacts in Kenya. I appreciate very much what you are doing to better science and mathematics education in Africa.

Debre Markos  Preparatory High School, Gojjam

Debre Markos is the capital city of the former Gojjam Administrative Region, it is located 300 km from Addis Ababa, the capital. The former senior secondary school is now changed to a Preparatory School. The school is one of the oldest in Gojjam but it does not have basic facilities such as library, computers, laboratories, etc. I am one of the graduates of this High School (1984), which produced many  scholars, scientists, engineers, medical doctors, etc., but unfortunately the school is deteroriating interms of the basic facilities such as the ones mentioned above.
(Submitted by:   Dr. Getie  Gelaye  Hamburg University)

Felegebirhan High School, East Gojjam

This school was built as an elementary school in 1941, which is historically a relatively an old school. However, until 2008, this school was giving only elementary and junior school fro the children of the dominant agrarian society of that locality. When you finish junior school, you must travel about 27 to 40 kilometers to get access to high school. Many of the children of my generation and even for most of the poor agrarian children, we must travel on barefoot all this kilometers every Friday and Sunday back and forth holding out food items on our back. In 2006, the community has started an initiative to build a high school for their children. By establishing a committee, they collected money from the local community and in September 1999 Ethiopian Calendar, the money generated from the community was able to construct four buildings, in which each building has five classrooms.  I went there and I had a chance to visit the buildings. As of September, 2000 E.C., the high school is operational. But, a lot of things remain unfulfilled for the school at least to fulfill the minimum requirements for a high school. The lack of books is one of the major problems of the school. Particularly the current economic strains have affected the community to generate more money for the books and other materials. (Subitted by: Mulusew  Asratie,  Addis Ababa University)

Menelik II High School Addis Ababa

It will be a great event to see Minillik II high school students getting engaged with such a great training on Astrophysical Observation. It will be great for the high schoolers to get such a knowledge early in their life and I believe this will bring about a crucial u-turn to the side of Astrophysical science.
(Submitted by  Yoseph Daniel ArbaMinch University)

Ras Abebe Aregay Elementary

This school is located in the heart of Addis Ababa. During my visit over the summer of 2008, I was amazed to see that the students do not have any material to help them learn science and technology. The school is K-8th grade. The school is run by highly motivated teachers, this school could serve as a central school for science and technology labratory for that area.  Please feel free to contact me if you need further info. (Submiitted by Hirut Kassa)

Cathedral High School

CHS will soon  be one of the high schools involved.The principal has promised the school will be glad to take part in Astronomy(He said the school is now in Christmas break but will soon resume).I know the school well,it has a tradition of excellence in such activities.They have excellent internet facilities as well (Submitted by Amare Abebe)

Bahir Dar  Preparatory High School
Location: Bahir Dar,Region Western gojam ,State Amhara .

It is a preparatory school for higher education .There are around 1950 students atend in grade 11 and 12 and 63 teachers.There are 40 classrooms,3 siense  laboratories,1 ICT lab and 1 laibrary. The school copound has agood atmosphere for lernning and teaching process. ( Submitted by:Alemayehu worku )

Sebeta Technical and Vocational school (Submitted by Tadesse Anberbir)

Felege Birhan's, Entoto St. Raguel/Elias Primary school
Felege Birhan's, Mekdela, Selamge Selassie Primary school
(Submitted by Taddesse Tegegne)

Bahir Dar Preparatory School(BDPS) and Tana Haik General Secondary School(THGSS). The teachers from BDPS school, who will participate in the use of the robotic telescope are:

1. Alemayu Worku (
2. Ahmed Mohammed (vice principal of the BDPS)
3. Getnet Abebe
There will be more than 50 students from this school.
The teachers from THGSS are
1.  Dawit  Belay (
2. Tarekegn Abie
3.Derje  Mitiku
 There will be more than 40 students from THGSS.

Updated: Feb 20, 2007