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Conferences and Workshops in Africa

4th International African Materials Research Society Conference

International Year of Astronomy 2009

Conferences and Workshops

Physics in Africa Session:(March 3-7 2003, Austin TX)  Sposored by American Physical Society

Workshop on Contemporary Problems in Mathematical Physics (November 1-7 2003)

Past Conferences and Workshops in Africa

  • Mali Symposium on Applied Sciences Bamako : July 08 - 12, 2002

  • Symposium Malien sur les Sciences Appliquées Bamako : du 08 au 12 Juillet 2002
  • Workshop on Contemporary Problems in Mathematical Physics
  • The Fourth Edward A. Bouchet International Conference
  • First African Workshop on Computational Condensed Matter Physics
  • NTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Optical Sciences and Applications for Sustainable Development
  • International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials
  • Mali Symposium on Applied Sciences Bamako, 7-9 August 2000
  • Conference Development

    US-Africa Fundamental and Applied Science Conference

    Discussion Groups for research and education

    [Material Science] [Cameroon-MRS][Central-African-MRS] [Nigerian-MRS][East-African-MRS][Science Education
    [Distance Education] [Telemedicine] [Bioinformatics] [BrainGain-Africa][Physics Students][African University Graduates Network]

    Research Experience for Undergraduates

    News and Information

    National Society of Black Physicsits: Conference information

    NSPB/NCBPS Session Proposal(March 15-18, 2002, Huntsville Alabama, Joint conference of  National Society of Black Physicsists and National Society of Black Physics Students) 

    Ron Mcnair Symposium on Science Frontiers (January 27-28 2003, NC A&T State University)