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Call for Discussion][Responses]

For several years we have hoped for the establishment of Ethiopian academy of science. Thanks to a few dedicated Ethiopian scholars EAS may become a reality very soon. The propomets of EAS are planning to conduct a major conference in Ethioipa in about a year, and they are expecting a huge turn out from Ethioipan scholars, students and academics from all over the world. They seek your support and input

It is proposed that

"The major role of the Academy will be to assist in building a knowledge-based society, fostering adaptation of new knowledge for economic growth and improvement of the quality of life in Ethiopia and enhancing public appreciation of science and scientific methods of thought. It would also serve as a channel of communication and dialogue between the government and the scientific community on matters that affect the various disciplines. The establishment of an Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) will further facilitate international cooperation, in particular with sister academies worldwide and ICSU (International Council of Scientific Unions). Likewise it will liaise strongly with TWAS (the Third World Academy of Sciences), the African Academy of Science (AAS) and several regional Academies."

We would like to intitiate discussion on the topic. For exmaple

1) What is your ideal "Ethioipan Academy of Sciences" ?
2) Can such academy exist in the current state of education in Ethiopia ?
3) How best can we engage high caliber Ethioipans in this endeavor ?
4) Is the role of EAS clearly articulated in the proposal ?
5) How best can EAS be funded ?
6) Can it exist without the support of the central government ?

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