Ethiopian Zodiac
Ethiopian Zodiac

Use the calculator to get your zodiac as follows
1. Write your given name followed by your mothers name IN GEEZ.  For example  Abebe and my mother's name is
Tenagne.  or A B B  T N (GN).

2. From the Geez chart,  identify the number corresponding to each geez script appearing in the name (Click on the box below to get the geez chart)


in this example
A corresponds to 40
B corresponds to 9
B corresponds to 9
T corresponds to 10
N corresponds to 30
(GN) corresponds to 30

3. Add the numbers using the calculator (if you need one). In this example the total is 128

4. Divide the total by 12

5. The remainder of the your calculation corresponds to one of the Ezodiac constellation shown in the picture below. When you click on the appropriate figure (if you are using IE and Netscape you may have a problem), you will be linked to an other file that tells you anything you wish to know about yourself.  In the event that your the remainder is zero. It means that you are not an Ethiopian or you are an alien !! (smile).

====GOOD LUCK==== I am praying for you.=====


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  Tahisas Hidar Tikimt Meskerem Nehase Nehase Hamle Sene Ginbot Miazia Megabit Yekatit Tir