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Peace Corps 



City of Assella


Potential Funding Sources

NGOs in Ethiopia


NGOs in Ethiopia (not complete list)

A Hope Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Aba W/tensae G Mothers and Children Welfare Ass (Ethiopia)
Abaselama Kesate Berhan Welage Alba Mahiber (Ethiopia)
Abebech Chiled Aid (Ethiopia)
Aberash Memorial Development Organization (Ethiopia)
Access For Change Development And Charity Org (Ethiopia)
Action Aid Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Action For Development (Ethiopia)
Action For Self Reliance Organization (Ethiopia)
Addis Development Vision (Ethiopia)
Adventist Development And Relief Agency (Ethiopia)
Afar Pastorialist Development Association (Ethiopia)
African Development Aid Association (Ethiopia)
African Medical And Research Foundation (Ethiopia)
African Network For The Prevention Of And Protection Against Child Abuse And Neglect In Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Agency For Cooperation and Research In Dev (Ethiopia)
Agency For The Assist. of Refugees, Displaced & Rest (Ethiopia)
Agoheld (Ethiopia)
Agont Development Association (Ethiopia)
Agri Service Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Alem Children Support Organization (Ethiopia)
Alliance For Development (Ethiopia)
Almaz Children And Family Support Organiztion (Ethiopia)
American Joint Distribution Committee (Ethiopia)
Amhara Development Association (Ethiopia)
Ami- Tsere Aids Limat Timhrit Ena Kine-tibeb Mahiber (Ethiopia)
Ass For The Dev & Constr Of Dessie And Its Envir (Ethiopia)
Association For DevAnd Biodiversity Conservation (Ethiopia)
Association For Rural Development (Ethiopia)
Association For The Rehabilitation Of Girls (Ethiopia)
Azeb Haile Desta (Ethiopia)
Berhan Integrated Dev and Orphanage Association (Ethiopia)
Berhane H. Children's Village and Family Servi Org (Ethiopia)
Bete Abel Hule Gebe Assoication (Ethiopia)
Bio Economie Association (Ethiopia)
Birhn Integrated Community Dev Organization (Ethiopia)
C I S P (Ethiopia)
Call Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Canadian Food Grains Bank (Ethiopia)
Canadian Physicians For Aid And Relief (Ethiopia)
Care Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Catholic Relief Service (Ethiopia)
Cbm (Ethiopia)
Center For Peace And Prosperity (Ethiopia)
Charity Development Association (Ethiopia)
Cheshire Foundation Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Cheshire Services Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Christian Aid (Ethiopia)
Christian Children's Fund Inc. (Ethiopia)
Christian Relief and Development Association (Ethiopia)
Church Of Christ (Ethiopia)
Community Development Promotion Organization (Ethiopia)
Concern (Ethiopia)
Coopi (Ethiopia)
Cuamm (Ethiopia)
Cvm (Ethiopia)
Dawn Hope Of Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Destitu Elders' Welfare And Development Association (Ethiopia)
Donkey For Development Association (Ethiopia)
Dorcas Aid International (Ethiopia)
Elders And Children's Aid (Ethiopia)
Emanuel Light And Life Development Association (Ethiopia)
Empower Youth Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Aid (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Cultural And Tourism Association (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Enviromental Ngo (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers Church Dev Org (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Gemini Trust (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Dev Programme (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Muslims Relief & Development Association (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Rainwater Harvesting Association (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Rural Self Help Association (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Traffic Accident Reduction (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Youth Association (Ethiopia)
Facilitator's For Change Ehtiopia (Ethiopia)
Family And Children Integrated Devl Foundation (Ethiopia)
Family Guidance Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Fana Family Seport Organization (Ethiopia)
Feed The Children (Ethiopia)
Focus On Children At Risk (Ethiopia)
Food And Agricultural Organization Of The United (Ethiopia)
For Ethiopia Association (Ethiopia)
Forum On Street Children Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
German Agro Action (Ethiopia)
German Foundation For World Population (Ethiopia)
Global Action For Community Development (Ethiopia)
Goal Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Godanaw (Ethiopia)
Gondar Region Development Association (Ethiopia)
Gondar Relief, Rehabilitation & Dev Association (Ethiopia)
Good Neighbors Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Good Samaritan Association (Ethiopia)
Grarbet Ledekuman Project (Ethiopia)
Gudina Tumsa Foundation (Ethiopia)
Habitat For Humanity Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Hald (Ethiopia)
Handicap International (Ethiopia)
Hanicap National (Ethiopia)
Health For All (Ethiopia)
Help For Persons With Disabilities Organisation (Ethiopia)
Helth Aid Ehtiopia And Integrated Community Dev (Ethiopia)
Hiberet Amba Hiv/aids Mekelakeya Ena Merja Mahiber (Ethiopia)
Hibir Integrated Community Development Organization (Ethiopia)
Hibret Yetekenaje Lemat (Ethiopia)
Hiv/aids Prevention And Control Office (Ethiopia)
Hiwot Aids Prevention, Care And Support Org (Ethiopia)
Hope Enterprises (Ethiopia)
Horco (Ethiopia)
Hulegeb Yelimat Ena Akim Ginbata (Ethiopia)
Hundee (Ethiopia)
Integrated Family Service Organization (Ethiopia)
Inter Aide France (Ethiopia)
International Institute Of Rural Reconstuction (Ethiopia)
International Society For Better Health Access (Ethiopia)
Intra Health International (Ethiopia)
Ipas Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Jesuit Refugee Service (Ethiopia)
Kal Walfare And Development Association (Ethiopia)
Kembatta Women's Self Help Center (Ethiopia)
Kidane Mihret Students Self-help Association (Ethiopia)
Kind Heart Child Aid Development Organization (Ethiopia)
Kindernothilfe (Ethiopia)
Knowledge Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Lave Integrated Development Association (Ethiopia)
Lay Violunteers International Association (Ethiopia)
Leadership Challenges Association (Ethiopia)
Love For Children Organisation (Ethiopia)
Luteran World Federation (Ethiopia)
Marie Stops International Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Mary Joy Aid Through Development (Ethiopia)
Matiwase Wondu Ethiopia Cancer Society (Ethiopia)
Medico Social Development Assistance For Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Mekane Hizunan Welfare Organization (Ethiopia)
Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (Ethiopia)
Mennoite Mission In Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Merite Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Merkato Lewetatoch Yeknjit Sira Mahiber (Ethiopia)
Meserete Kristos Church Relief And Dev Association (Ethiopia)
Misale Ethiopia Association (Ethiopia)
Msf/belgium (Ethiopia)
Muda Faundation Aid & Development Association (Ethiopia)
Multi-purpose Community Development Project (Ethiopia)
Nazret Children's Center And Integrated Comm Dev (Ethiopia)
Nigate Vocational Training Center (Ethiopia)
Norwegian Church Aid (Ethiopia)
Ogaden Welfare And Development (Ethiopia)
Organization For Social Just In Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Organization For Women In Self Employment (Ethiopia)
Oromo Self Help Organization (Ethiopia)
Oromo Self-reliance Association (Ethiopia)
Oxfam America (Ethiopia)
Oxfam Canada (Ethiopia)
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (Ethiopia)
Oxfam/gb (Ethiopia)
Patmos International (Ethiopia)
Pestalozi Children Aid Enterprise (Ethiopia)
Pro Pride (Ethiopia)
Professional Alliance For Development Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Project Mercy (Ethiopia)
Ras-beras Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Rehabilitation And Development Organization (Ethiopia)
Rehabilitation Center For Victims Of Touture In Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Relie Society Of Tigray (Ethiopia)
Resurrection And Life Aid Through Development (Ethiopia)
Rohobot Health Association (Ethiopia)
Sara Canizaro Child Mayinders Association (Ethiopia)
Save Heven Association (Ethiopia)
Save The Children /denmanrk (Ethiopia)
Save The Children /uk (Ethiopia)
Save The Children /usa (Ethiopia)
Save The Children Usd (Ethiopia)
Save The Victims Entegrated Dev Orgn Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Selam Children's Village (Ethiopia)
Selam Environmental Development Association (Ethiopia)
Self Help Development International (Ethiopia)
Shalom Development And Relife Organiztion (Ethiopia)
Shewa Birhane Community Development (Ethiopia)
Sike Women's Development Association (Ethiopia)
Society Of International Missionaries (Ethiopia)
Solidarity For New Development (Ethiopia)
Sos Children's Village Ethioia (Ethiopia)
Sos Enfants Ethiopie (Ethiopia)
Swedish Philadelphia Church Mission (Ethiopia)
Swedish Save The Children (Ethiopia)
The Children's Heart Fund Of Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Tiater In Development Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (Ethiopia)
Tiret Community Empowerment For Change (Ethiopia)
Tsinate Youth Center Ethiopian (Ethiopia)
Umbrella Child Love Society (Ethiopia)
Vision Commuinity Based Rehabilitaion Association (Ethiopia)
Vision Ethiopian Congress For Democracy (Ethiopia)
Voluntary Service Overseas (Ethiopia)
Walda Of Gargaarsa Oromoo (Ethiopia)
Water Aid (Ethiopia)
Wegen Yehitsanat Ena Yeenatoch Mahiber (Ethiopia)
Women Support Organizaion (Ethiopia)
Women Village Patry Association (Ethiopia)
World Vision International Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Yakin Aid Association (Ethiopia)
Yeteem Children's And Destitute Mothers Fund (Ethiopia)
Zaion Change And Solution Center (Ethiopia)
Zion Trust Integrated Comm Based Sus Development (Ethiopia)