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Ethiopian Scientific and Academic Network

J. Mayo Greenberg Scholarship Prize 2009

Energy Education

Sigma-Pi Sigma Congress

Cotonou, Republic of Benin
October 25th – November 7th, 2008

Dynamics of Soft Matter. December 4-6. 2008

PHYSWARE: A Collaborative Workshop on Low-cost Equipment and Appropriate Technologies that Promote Undergraduate Level, Hands-on Physics Education throughout the Developing World



Workshop on Negociating the Ideal Faculty Position

Sparks of Science Shines for Ethiopian Youth and Parents
Sparks of Science is an innovative four-year technology enrichment program for Ethiopian students in 9th through 12th grades. The program was established seven years ago to ensure that greater numbers of Ethiopian young people have the scholastic ability and the self-esteem necessary to advance in today's science and technology fields.


Addis Ababa University International Workshop on new PhD Programs

International Physics Issues

Ethiopia has a plan to produce thousands of PhDs, to teach and to spur on economic development.

Hawking searches for Einsteins in Africa

Are you coming to the AGU Spring Meeting in Florida, May 27-30 2008 ?
An  important honor for Ethiopia and for one of its respected citizens.  Dr. Lake Mariam Asfaw will be awarded the most prestigious Life Time International Award from the American Geophysical Union . Please (Click Here) to read about Dr. Lake Mariam Asfaw and his award

Scientific Ethiopia: Science and Technology News and Information

Space Science Workshops in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Institute of Physics; Unique Database 

Ethiopian Journal of Physics Proposal

Ethiopian Physical Society-Historical Archives (Please add your archives)

There are now over 40 Universities and Colleges in Ethiopia.  We need the Ethiopian Scientific Network and Ethiopian University Network. If you are interested to develop these two nodes please contact me.
Note: Emeritus Prof Alex Animalu will be 70 by August 28, 2008. An international seminar is being organized as a tribute to him at Abuja, Nigeria, from August 26 - 28, 2008. Please see the announcement at: or visit directly the event site: The proceedings of the event will be published by the American Institute of Physics

Ethiopian Physics Personalities: AK's choice

I believe the following Ethiopians are rising stars in their fields.

Dr. Tesfaye Abtew: High Perfomance Computational Physics
Dr. Abay Gadisa: Biomolecular and Organic Electronics
Dr. Driba Tolla:  String Theory
Dr. Genene Tessema: Conducting Polymers
Dr. Gizaw Mengistu Tsidu: Atmospheric Science
Dr. Baylie Damtie: Space Physics
Dr. Esayas Shume: Space Physics
Dr. Hailu Girma: Gravitation
Dr. Petros Thomas: Condensed Matter
Dr. Addis Mekonnen Adamu, Condensed matter

Please name your rising star

Education and Outreach

AASDO Project (Contact A. Kebede)
Mellinnium Challenge: From Bahir Dar to Moyale Science Education Mission

Say Something

Development Priorities for Ethiopia in the 21st Century Higher Education

Put your course online

Ethiopia Virtual Lecture Hall

Unique picks of 2008

Endris Mohammed could be the Ramanujan of Ethiopia: An appeal to Ethiopian Mathematicians: Moges Mochena

Usefull Links

Physicsworld  (Mosly UK)

Gegraphical Distribution of viewers

Ethiopians will participate in the following conferences

1. AfricaArray Workshop-South Africa (Drs. Gizaw Tsidu and Dr. Baylie Damtie)

2. UN/ESA/NASA IHY Workshop  Burgas, Bulgaria (Abebe Kebede and Gizaw Mengistu Tsidu)

3. SCINDA2008 Workshop, South Africa (Drs. Gizaw Tsidu, Baylie Damtie, Esayas Shume, Abebe Kebede)

4. IST Conference Namibia (Dr. Alem Mebratu, Mekele University)

5.  Solar Energy Material Conference,   Tanzania (Dr. Genene Tessema)

6. Nile Regional Workshop: Addis Ababa Ethiopia (Abebe Kebede)

7.  American Association of Physics Teachers. Edmonton, Canada, July 2008 (Misganaw Gentaneh, Abebe Kebede)

8. Gordon Conference: Atomic and Molecular Physics (Alem Mebratu)

9. The 3rd IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP2008) will be held in Seoul, Korea, October 8-10 2008 (Dr. Negash Kebede,  President of EPS wil  lead a deligation of women professors and students to the conference)

10. Mekele University Space Science Curriculum Review (Abebe Kebede, Alem Mebratu and colleagues from several universities in Ethiopia)

11. Mekele University GPS Receiver installation (Abebe Kebede, Alem Mebratu, and colleagues from Purdue University, June 10)

12. Addis Ababa University International Workshop on PhD Programs (Every able Ethiopia)

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