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This site features  the  Ethiopian  Physical and Mathematical Scientists.

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There are now over 40 Universities and Colleges in Ethiopia.  We need the Ethiopian Scientific Network and Ethiopian University Network. If you are interested to develop these two nodes please contact me.

Ethiopian Physics Faculty and Professionals

I believe the following Ethiopians are rising stars in their fields.

Dr. Tesfaye Abtew: High Perfomance Computational Physics
Dr. Abay Gadisa: Biomolecular and Organic Electronics
Dr. Driba Tolla:  String Theory
Dr. Genene Tessema: Conducting Polymers
Dr. Gizaw Mengistu Tsidu: Atmospheric Science
Dr. Baylie Damtie: Space Physics
Dr. Esayas Shume: Space Physics
Dr. Hailu Girma: Gravitation
Dr. Petros Thomas: Condensed Matter

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Ethiopian Physics Students

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