Ethiopian Space Science Research and Eduction Initiatives a project of the Ethiopian Scientific Network
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Ethiopian Space Science Research and Education  Working Group

To promote space science education and research in Ethiopia

Mission and Goals
  • Facilitate effective partnerships for research and education in space science 
  • Support improvement of  informal space and earth science education
  • Support the development of a network for space science and technology education and research. This will include a database  enabling collaborations among members of the Ethiopian  space science community and their counterparts elsewhere
  • Pave the way for the establishment of the Ethiopian Educational, Scientific and Cultural Society
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If you wish to participate in the activities of Ethiopia Space Science Working or provide comments regarding the shape and structure Space Science Education and Research at in Ethiopia  contact Dr Abebe Kebede (gutaye .

Ethiopian Forum for Space and Earth Science

Currently there exists the Ethiopian Space Society that  caters to the faculty members, students and professionals in the field. The members of the society represent a reasonable crossection of faculty, space professionals  and members of institutions of higer learning.
The Ethiopian  Space Working Group is  a logical extention of this activity.  The functions of the group will include egnagement  professional socieites and representatives of federal agencies to disucss effective ways to produce the environment where space science will take root.


The Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) was established on 18 June 2004 under the 1960 Ethiopian Civil Code, Article 404 and on Associations Registration, Legal Notice No. 321/1966. The main objective of the Society is the dissemination of basic space science education in Ethiopian schools and the development of scientific culture in the public sector that comes along with it. ESSS, whose head office is in Addis Ababa, has a large number of registered members some of whom go to the extent of donating large sums of money and small backyard telescopes. The one you see in the picture below is one of the small telescopes recently acquired by the society from one of its members. Enthusiastic graduate students are in the process of putting its parts together for a night time viewing session.

Members of the Ethiopian Space Science Society

The ESSS also supports local space science studies and related technological progress by way of monetary aid and prizes. Just recently the society has donated a 40 square kilometre piece of land to Addis Ababa University (AAU) for the construction of the dome for the 0.45 metre fully automated telescope it hopes to get from the Japanese Government. The application from the Astrophysics group at AAU for the small reflector under the Japanese Cultural Aid Program is pending.

Legesse W Kebede