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Fronm the Department of Physics, University of Liberia
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The department  of Physics of the University of Liberia needs educational materials  such as books, computational software and additional professors. The department will graduate the first four graduate since peace is established after 20 years of civil war. There are two tracks; namely BS in Physics with minor in mathematics or chemistry. In addition to meeting the needs of the College of Science and Technology, the department also provides physical science courses that 90% of students must take to satisfy the general education requirements. The University of Liberia, the only functioning public institution of higher learning in Liberia, is an integral part of the reconstruction process of the country. Decades long conflict severely degraded the ability of the university to leverage with its commitments to prepare the youth Liberia. However the return of relative peace makes it possible to prioritize the educational needs to filing the human resources void created by the conflict.  Therefore we call upon friends of Liberia, former graduates of the University. ad the general community of the university to provide in kind and financial support to help us fulfill the dreams of future scientists of Liberia. Please contact us through our LIberian Scientific Network, and Liberian  Universities Alumni Network.
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