International Heiophysical Year Schools

List of IHY Schools + Related Schools
Updated 18 June 2007 

Main IHY Schools in Time Order


North America

Date: 30 July – 7 August 2007

Location: Boulder CO, USA.
Contacts: Karel Schrijver (, Don Hassler (, David Webb (


No. of students: 39

The LWS-IHY Heliophysics Summer School in 2007 is the first of 3 planned NASA LWS schools. Each will yield a book covering the topics of that school. This first school is on plasma physics of the local cosmos. Students have been selected. The schedule, faculty and students are listed on the website.


Asia - Pacific Region: India

Date: 10 - 22 December 2007

Location: Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, India.

Contacts: Directors: Ashok Ambastha and Nat Gopalswamy (

            LOC: R. Ramesh (

Website: TBD

No. of students: ~50

The 2007 school will be organized by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore and held at Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. Kodaikanal has infrastructure to conduct various schools related to astronomy and astrophysics 3-4 times a year. They can provide board and lodging for 50 students. A similar 2006 school on Solar Physics was held at Kodaikanal Dec. 2006 (see:


Latin America
Date: 10 - 23 February 2008

Location: CRAAM-EE Presbyterian Mackenzie University in São Paulo, BRAZIL

Contacts: Alisson Dal Lago (, Jean-Pierre Raulin (, Adriana VR Silva ( and Cristina Mandrini (

Website: (update TBD)

No. of students: ~80


Europe and Africa

Date: 6 - 17 October 2008

Location: ICTP in Trieste, ITALY
Contacts: Mauro Messerotti (, Sandro Radicella (, David Webb (

Website: TBD
No. of students: </~40


Asia - Pacific Region: China

Date: 2008
Location: TBD
Contacts: Chi Wang ( and Fan Quanlin
Website: TBD
No. of students: TBD <> 

Asia - Pacific Region: Malaysia
<>Date: March 2009
Location: Possibly on Langkawi Island where a new solar telescope system is available.
Contacts: Fairos Asillam and Azreena Ahmad
( or
Website: TBD
No. of students: ~30

The theme for this school is "Living with the Sun". It basically involves study of the "Earth-Sun Relationship" or "how activity of Sun contributes to the Earth’s behaviour".

Malaysia is willing to support local expenses such as lodging.

Syllabus: 1. The basic technique on ground based solar telescope; 2. The current interesting research using ground based solar telescope and collaboration opportunities; 3. Practical solar observation and performance testing; 4.  Space weather and climate change; 5. Solar radiation especially on UV studies.

Other IHY-Related Schools

North America

Polar Aeronomy and Radio Science School at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 23 July – 3 August 2007. 2 weeks long; school normally has 16 lectures and individually chosen hands-on experiments with ionospheric radars, heaters, atmospheric lidars, noctilucent cloud cameras etc. Average attendance is 40.

Contact: Roger Smith []



Latin America

First school was in Lima, PERU in 17-22 April 2006. 25 students attended. Contact: J-P Raulin; W. Guevara Day.

The next LA school was held 25-29 September 2006 in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (IAFE) ( 30 students attended. The next LA school was held in San Jose dos Campos, BRAZIL (INPE), 23-26 October 2006. 110 students attended for one week. (


A school is planned in conjunction with the 8th Latin American Conference on Geophysics (COLAGE) in Merida, MEXICO, 12-17 July 2007.

Contact: Jean-Pierre Raulin and Alisson Dal Lago.

Website: ?


Western Europe

ISSS Advanced School in Space Environment - ASSE 2006: Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 9-14 September 2006, L’Aquila, ITALY

Turbulence and Waves in Space Plasmas

The scientific programme “Series of Events on Relations in the Sun-Earth System and Space Weather” (SERSES) offers a coherent series of courses for young researchers in the years 2006-2009 in different disciplines which concur to the Sun-Earth relationships, and presents the solar–terrestrial environment as a global system in order to allow a significant improvement in the global knowledge of the entire system. SERSES courses will be organized at L'Aquila, in close cooperation, by the Consorzio Area di Ricerca in Astrogeofisica and the International School of Space Science of the Consorzio Interuniversitario di Fisica Spaziale:

1) Spring 2006: The Physics of the Sun (i.e. The Active Sun on your Active Desktop)

2) Fall 2006: Solar Terrestrial Physics

3) Spring 2007: Magnetospheric Dynamics (9-15 April 2007)

4) Fall 2007: Turbulence and Waves in Space Plasmas (9-14 September, 2007)

5) Spring 2008: Geomagnetism and Ionosphere

6) Fall 2008: Solar-terrestrial relations in Antarctica



Balkan/Black Sea

Tusi 3rd Summer Astronomical School, 2006, held at Baku, The Republic of Azerbaijan


4th Tusi Summer Regional Astronomical School “Sun and Geosphere” and Young Scientist’s Conference – 2007, Azerbaijan


Young Scientists International School on "Heliosphere and Galaxy", May 3-5, 2007 in Bucharest, ROMANIA.

Contact: Cristiana Dumitrache



The Second International Symposium on Space Climate: Long-Term Change in the Sun, and its Effects in the Heliosphere and Planet Earth, 

Sinaia, Romania, September 13-16, 2006 - Organiser Georgeta Maris


International Conference Fifty Years of Romanian Astrophysics,

Bucharest, September  26-30, 2006 - Organiser Cristiana Dumitrache

<> Workshop on "Flows, Boundaries, Interactions", <>Bucharest, May 4-5, 2007 


IHY-Africa Space Weather Science and Education Workshop, Nov 11-16, 2007, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The meeting will be held at the Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa. The meeting will follow the 2nd Africa SCINDA Workshop on Sunday 11th November. The Workshop is under the auspices of IHY, in cooperation and collaboration with several other international and African national programs including the CAWSES, eGY, AMMA, and AFREF. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate scientific interaction and promote space science and education in Africa.

Contacts: Christine Amory-Mazaudier, Abebe Kebede (abkebede @ gmail . com or gutaye @ ncat .edu)