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  November 26, 2007

Marteena Hall, Room 310  Time- 4:00 PM

Title: Formation of cosmic dust around hot stars.
Author: Anatoly Miroshnichenko, Asst. Prof., Dept. Physics and Astronomy, UNCG
Abstract: Cosmic dust is very important for the evolution of the Universe, because it is used to create planets and ultimately life. It is partially produced in the interstellar space, but also in the immediate environments of stars. Until recently, only cool stars and very luminous hot stars were considered to be dust producers. I found a new large group of galactic hot stars with moderately low luminosities that seem to produce even more dust than the luminous hot stars. I will review the basics of cosmic dust production, known types of stars that produce new dust, and describe the newly discovered group of stars in detail. Hypotheses about the origin and evolutionary state of this group will be presented as well.