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Collaboration with Dr. Bourland
Partnerhsip for Radiation Physics Research and Education (Dr. Abdellah Ahmidouch and Dr. Samuel Danagoulian)
Graduate Student: Kenvin Broadnix (MS. Physics with computational physics focus)

  February 18, 2008

Marteena Hall, Room 310  Time- 4:00 PM

Title: Image-Guided Radiation Treatment.
Image-guided medical interventions are growing in number and technological approaches. Image-guided radiation treatment in particular includes multi-modality imaging and various technologies for delivery of the radiation treatment. Development of these techniques is proceeding rapidly, with the promise of more accurate radiation treatment.  The use of imaging has advantages throughout the entire radiation treatment process, including target localization and delineation, treatment delivery, and treatment evaluation.  In this talk the modalities and systems used for combined imaging and treatment are reviewed, along with the areas of active research including image-based clinical trials.