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  Dr.Reyco Henning

Reyco Henning
Assistant Professor

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
U. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
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November 24, 2008

Marteena Hall, Room 310  Time- 4:00 PM

Title: Searching for the rarest events in the universe and other fun topics in particle astrophysics.

Some of the most fundamental questions in physics cannot be addressed by bigger particle accelerators or telescopes. Instead, we must rely on the subtle effects of new physics at high energies on the matter around us. These effects are expected to be rare, difficult to detect and buried in large backgrounds, but they can hold the key to the mystery of dark matter, the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe and others. This talk will review the motivation and status of the current experimental program to search for these events. It will conclude with a discussion of the future programs, with an emphasis on those for the proposed Deep Underground Science Laboratory (DUSEL) located in Lead, South Dakota.