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Historically Black Colleges and Universities 
Majority Serving Inistitutions 
Vertical Integration of Research, Education and Technolgy 

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I. Mission: 
  • Promote Vertical Integration of Research, Education and Technology
II. Goals and Objectives
  • Prepare high achieving students for graduate studies
  • Enble HBCU Faculty to participate in cutting edge Research
  • Enhance the SMET Curriculum by integrating research results in the curriculum
  • Increase the National and International Presence of HBCU in the frontiers of science
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Research Experiences for graduate and undergraduate students
  • Increase the number of Minority PHD's in Science Mathematics, Engineering and Technology

III. Organization of HBCU/MSI-VIRET

HBCU/MSI-VIRET  workshops and conferences will be based in NC A&T State University. The advisory board will be selected from member institutions, who in turn select a director who will serve for four years. The Advisory Board will oversee the overall quality and effectiveness of the conferences and workshops.  We plan to maintain a listserve and a website of HBCU/MSI-VIRET. The conference/workshop topics wil be based on relevance and the level of interest set by preceeding workshops/conferences and information gathered during an online discussion among potential participants. Two workshops/conferences will be conducted per year and at least one of them will be held during the summer. 

IV. Potential outcomes of HBCU/MSI-IRET conferences/Worshops

  • HBCU/MSI-VIRET Proceedings
  • HBCU/MSI-VIRET Colloquium series
  • Consistent and organized delivery of Symposiums,workshops and short courses
  • Strong basic and applied science programs at participating HBCU's by enhancing communications among fundamental and applied scientists
  • Understanding  technology and the role played by the fundamental and applied sciences 
  • Networking/bringing first rate scienctific research concepts to HBCU's
  • Preparation of top notch students for graduate programs of MSI's
  • Perparation of the high tech workforce
  • V. General topics of HBCU-VIRET future conferences/Workshops include

  • Opportunities and Challenges in Materials Research
  • Conference on Science Frontiers
  • Inernational Conference on Oportunites and Challeges in Biomaterials Research
  • Interafrican Confenrece on Bioinformatics
  • International Conference on Applications Lasers in cross-disciplinary research
  • Add your own
  • V.  Potential participants and sponsors

    Financial assistance will be sought from NSF, DOE, USDE,  USAID and non-governmental organization which have a vested interest in science education research at HBCU's