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STS Workshops 2006

First International Heliophysical Year SCINDA Workshop Cape Verde, July 10-14 2006


NC A&T State University, in collaboration with US Air Force Research Laboratory and Instituto Nacional De Meteorologica E. Geofisica will organize the first International SCINDA Workshop in Cape Verde, during the period of July 10-14., 2006. The workshop is sponsored by a grant obtained from the European Office for Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD).

Text Box: Scientists from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Cape Verde, USA and Malaysia will participate in the workshop. The overall goals of the workshop are to establish space science expertise and develop a network of space weather observations across Africa.. The workshop will cover equatorial aeronomy and the physics of low latitude ionospheric disturbances that affect space-based communication and navigation systems.  The workshop will provide instruction on the deployment, operation and interpretation of SCINDA sensors and their associated data.  In the end the participants will setup a GPS TEC/scintillation system on-line at their home institution at the conclusion of the workshop. Low latitude ionospheric disturbances can routinely degrade satellite communications, GPS navigation and other space-based RF systems. The proposed workshop squarely addresses those impacts by providing the requisite training to install and operate sensors that provide real-time warnings of scintillation impacts on DoD systems. We anticipate that as many as 7 new observing sites will be established as a direct result of the workshop. We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of this conference: European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Air Force Research Laboratory (

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For more information please contact: Dr. Abebe Kebede, Director of Space Science Programs and Dr. Jyoti Nair, co-organizer, NC A&T State University.

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