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Please contact Dr. Abebe Kebede 
Tel:336-285-2113, email: <gutaye @>

Marteena Observatory and Planetrium Information

Marteena Observatory and Planetarium is located in the Department of Physics, NC A&T State University, 1601 Est Market Street. It is used for public outreach and instuctional purposes. For more information please contact Dr. Abebe Kebede or Mr Caesar Lockhart at (336)285-2105
Short courses, seminars, workshops and institutes-K12 and public outreach
Spacial activities and annoucements
Following our successful K12 teacher workshop and symposia, we plan  to host a series of space related short courses , seminars, workshops and  institutes beginning 2006. We organized our work using the  Ronald E. McNair Science, Technology and Space Institute or STS. For  further information please check 


Africa Science Education Expedition

 A group of volunteers from North Carolina A&T State University are planning to travel to Africa to witness the March 29, 2006 African Total Solar Eclipse.  During their week long stay, the volunteers will conduct science  outreach activities for selected group of schools. These volunteers  seek partners, sponsors and more volunteers to make this expedition a success. If you wish to participate, please send email to Dr. Abebe  Kebede (gutaye @ncat. edu). For further information click [2006-Solar  Eclipse]

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